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Build your own AI-powered web apps tailored to your business. No technical skills required.

What kind of AI apps can you build?

Trip planner example AI app
Customer Experience AI

Embrace AI powerups and make your customers feel like you are there - the expert of your business but on steroids.

Marketing path example AI app
Lead Generation AI

Be one of the first to create amazing experiences that captivate your potential customers in a new and unique way.

Customer feedback example app
Internal Tools AI

Bring your team's productivity to a whole new level with AI tools that leverage your expertise and help you make sure everyone is on the same page.

From idea to reality
With no efforts.

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Describe what you want the AI App to do for your business
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Test and tune the generated AI App as needed
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Share a link to your AI web app or use it internally

Embed AI In your website

Offer your visitors a seamless experience, allowing them to interact with your personalized AI without ever leaving your site.

Inside your AI,
Your voice

You are an expert in your field, so let the AI amplify that and showcase it to the world.

Use natural language to customize your app

Just tell the app what to do and how to do it, and it will follow your instructions

AI apps to enhance every business


How do I start building my own AI app?
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1 . Sign up to BuildAI.

2. Simply describe what you want the AI to do for your business in the following format: “An app that [action] based on user’s [input]”.

3. View and customize the appearance of the app as you wish.

4. Run the AI app with an input to see the results.

5. Tune the AI app instructions to meet your needs and rerun it.

6. Get your own AI app’s URL and empower your business with it!
Can I build any app that I want?
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No. The AI apps that we currently support are:

1. Text-based AI apps that get a text input and provide a text-based output.
2. AI Apps that require knowledge of world events and happenings up until 2021.

The BuildAI team has lots of plans for expanding our app support to more app types, so stay tuned!
Can I try it before purchasing?
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Of course. You’ll get a free trial, with 2 app generations and 20 app runs.
What is an “App Run”?
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An “App Run” is a single AI app running. Users who access your AI app and click "Run" will count as one "App Run" (including you as the builder).

Your AI app's monthly app runs are determined by your plan (see pricing section).
Can I get the AI app’s code?
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There is no option to export the code. BuildAI hosts the app for you.
How do I embed the app in my website?
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Click "Publish Your AI" in the app edit mode to access the embed option. Copy the html-code and paste it anywhere on your website!

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