Get Your Own Generative
Nutrition App In Minutes.

No-code platform for creating an AI web app that serves your audience just like you do. No technical skills required.

Introducing the

Generative Nutrition App

Automate your nutrition services.
Generate a personalised experience for each user.
Choose from a collection of AI nutrition tools or make your own.
Your own recipe-based
Meal Planner

Personalized meal plans based on  your own collection of recipes.

Your own recipe-based
Fridge Fusion

Recognize ingredients in fridge photos and recommend your recipes.

Based on your methodology
MacroFIT Calculator

Estimate daily macro goals based on your methodology.

+Expanding collection of AI TOOLS.

Get to every user personally as you never could.

Let your Generative App get to every user personally, customizing nutrition tools as daily meal plans using YOUR recipes, while keeping you in the loop.


Monetize your Generative App.

Make money by giving access to exclusive paid users that can get a customized service 24/7 with your Generative App that works for you.

Tailor to your business

Launch your own business app with no developer costs.

Just upload your business data as recipe collection and tips and let your Generative App work its magic! Perfectly matches your business as if you've dedicated months to its development.


Amaze your users with AI's power.

The Generative App isn't your typical app. With the power of AI, it offers users an exceptional tools, like uploading a fridge image for instant recipes and more magic!

Learn your audience

Analyze users usage, allowing you to better understand your audience.

Embed in your website

Offer your visitors a seamless experience, allowing them to interact with your Generative App without ever leaving your site.

Easy-to-use interface

Easily customize the Generative App to your style and needs.


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What is an AI Tool?
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These are the building blocks of your app, each providing your users with a different and valuable personalized experience. You can choose tools from our collection or build your own.Example tools: Meal Planner and MacroFIT calculator.
Is it possible to use my own data in the Generative App?
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Yes. Each AI tool has a section for uploading your own data. The meal planner, for example, includes default recipes that can be customized, as well as links that direct users to the recipes you choose.
Can the Generative App include tools other than nutrition?
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Yes. You can create new AI tools (in any topic) using our builder.
What are App Run Credits?
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Each AI tool run by you or by your users consumes app credits. A regular AI tool consumes 1 app credit, and more advanced tool consumes more.

Your Generative App's monthly app run credits are determined by your plan (see pricing section).
How do I monetize the Generative App?
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You get your own Generative App link, which you can share with your own exclusive list of users. The charge method you choose outside the platform will redirect to this link after payment.
How do I embed the Generative App in my website?
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Click "Publish Your AI" in the app edit mode to access the embed option. Copy the html-code and paste it anywhere on your website!

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